Together with our extensive technical expertise on the Microsoft platform and products, and a combined 30 years of experience joint with its high standards of work, we ensure you a supreme value of quality of deliverables...without delay!

With the most advanced communications and vast knowledgeable and experienced software developers, we can provide a wide range of software development requirements according to budgets and specifications.

Our dedicated team will provide you with superiority, trust, performance and will develop software in user-friendly styles.

According to Evans Data, 57% of enterprises spend more than a quarter of their application development budget on .NET development services. Nearly 20% of respondents estimate that they spend 75-100%. The team of skilled .NET developers at ZoomJar can help accelerate time-to-market and increase return on investment for software and technology-centered organizations that adopt .NET across their software products. Our contributions to these companies have ranged from supplementing the efforts of an in-house development team and consulting to performing the entire product development life-cycle management.

Over the course of years of experience, we created Web, Desktop, and Mobile applications for Logistics, Transportation, Telecommunications and other industries. This involved a broad range of Microsoft technologies, such as .NET Framework 3.5/4.0, C# (C-Sharp), WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), WinForms, LINQ, ASP.NET, VB.NET, MS SharePoint (MOSS), Windows Azure, Silverlight and more.


Focused .NET development services:

  • .NET product life-cycle management (from idea elaboration, specifications, and planning to deployment, testing, profiling/tuning, usability review and support)
  • Web development (.NET Framework, Silverlight, SharePoint, Windows Azure, ASP.NET, SQL Server, etc.)
  • Desktop development (WPF, WinForms, WCF, LINQ, SQL Server, Entity Framework, etc.)
  • Mobile development, including interfaces for remote/mobile access to applications
  • Custom SharePoint development
  • Designing complex systems (with n-layer structure, etc.) and application integration (including J2EE, ERP, and CRM systems)



Cloud Computing

In our tradition of being on the leading edge of technology for the benefit of our partners and clients, the ZoomJar team has gathered solid experience in Microsoft Azure service offerings from multiple projects we have been implementing since 2010.


Mobile Development

Our team here at ZoomJar is deeply involved in custom mobile applications development. We help businesses quickly transform ideas into successful mobile products. We know the challenges you are facing and how important time-to-market and industry expertise are when building the right service.


Web Development

Online shopping, electronic Pharma business, electronic patient records - the trend is to give end-users more control and accessibility. There is no easier way to reach this end than using the existing infrastructure and protocols of the Internet. We are experienced in developing complex yet cost-efficient web-based products that offer feature-rich tools with little or no setup required.


SaaS Solutions

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the latest in the web development field that is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. SaaS takes advantage of economies-of-scale for majority costs of operating the software, including the installation and deployment cost, product infrastructure, operational costs, upgrade costs and other support costs.