Based in Montreal, Canada, ZoomJar Technology is specialized in developing software for cloud computing and mobile devices.

The company was established and is currently managed by senior IT professionals with over 20 years of experience in IT management and software development.

Previous technology ventures of the shareholders were acquired by large American technology companies. Most of the software developed by ZoomJar is custom made and tailored to clients' needs and requirements. ZoomJar counts in its application portfolio development for the Azure cloud computing platform, Windows Servers, front ends for the Web and mobile apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms.

When the need arises, ZoomJar works in concert with a sister company, and the group has already successfully delivered many mobile software projects to clients in different business sectors including banking, automotive, consumer goods, airlines, hospitality and more. The group has many clients including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, ADNEC in Dubai and numerous banks.

By taking advantage of its back-end server technology and its proprietary development tools, ZoomJar is capable of developing and producing software much faster than the time it takes to produce such software using standard development tools and methods. This gives ZoomJar clients the valuable time-to-market advantage.

ZoomJar is a member of the BlackBerry Alliance program, Android market and the iOS Developer Program. This is complemented by many other partnerships through its sister company and an impressive record of accomplishment in high-transaction environments. Its experience and expertise in the development of Smartphone mobility applications has allowed ZoomJar to build innovative, attractive and affordable mobility applications.